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Bernadette Fyffe grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and became a physical education teacher, working full time for 10 years and then a further 6 years as a relief teacher in Western Australia and Victoria.

In 1993 Bernadette did her first training course in the Bowen Technique with Bowtech in Melbourne.  She has also studied NST (neuro-structural integration technique) Bowen training up to the advanced level and ultimately has achieved on-going Therapist status since 1997.

It is a requirement of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA) that its registered professional therapists fulfill a minimum on-going annual training requirement to maintain their Therapist status.  This ensures you are in good hands and will receive appropriate treatment and care.

Once qualified, Bernadette initially practised Bowen on the Mornington Peninsula and then moved to Melbourne where she still works in St Kilda and Preston.

Bernadette aims to apply a minimum of treatments for your maximum benefit, to enhance your sense of well-being by reducing your pain and discomfort, to empower you with knowledge about your own body, and to provide strategies and practices for you to maintain optimal lifestyle balance.

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